Expose your Ignorance Pattern

This learning pattern is very important it exposes us to a very delicate issue. Although the Software Development community is built around everchanging technologies, and we are all shooting at a moving target, the fear of letting others know what you do not know is constantly present. Particularly to me, another analogous fear that I think is related to this learning pattern is the fear of you believing you know something and being shown the opposite. I think that at this level in our learning careers, so close to graduating, this pattern is extremely important. This period of entering the field officially, is the period in which we feel the need to show what we know, coupled with doubts and the lack of experience which rob us the confidence we need.

I hope that once we internalize this pattern regardless of the fear of using it, the field, out in the wild will become gradually more amenable. Perhaps this is why I think that a job with a grounded company with tradition in technology is the best steppingstone to a software developer. Every company small or large today relies on technologies that we must understand. This is the reason I fear the non-tech companies that need tech people. The fear that they will expect the newbie to know it all, or worst, not understand what it really takes to get what they want. I think that this fear will probably gradually disappear maybe at about 2 years in the field.      

To sum up I must say that this pattern served me well in my career as a student and I think it will serve me just as well as a developer. I feel lucky to know that I can relate and count on people that are either having the same problem as me or have surpass it to help me. Reaching out to ask people for help is not only better than staying ignorant but help build confidence in the person whom you asked. Even when you ask someone who does not understand the field, their out of the box answer may guide you to a better understanding. I found that I discovered a lot of the answers I needed just by formulating the question and dissecting it to a non tech aficionado.  


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