Sweeping The Floor Learning Pattern

This pattern is very important it tells us how to begin the career switch from student to paid professional. It is a scary moment of unprecedented uncertainty. It helps us see with a clearer image that there are levels of expectation. These expectations are stratified to build a path to success. It also throws cautionary tales of getting comfortable doing the work at the outer layers of what’s expected.

This is very personal because everyone of us graduating will face the reality of a professional environment. I could not say that it will be harsh or easy. What I can say is that the expectations and anxiety that we generate ourselves is harsh. It makes me feel better to think that the professional world in general has a path in which one can climb, even if this path is steep. The great fear is that there is no path, the goal is the space station, and you don’t know how to build a rocket.

Putting my trust on the writers I expect this sweeping the floor pattern a practiced reality in real situations. I don’t believe there are any menial tasks. All tasks must be completed, and I wouldn’t mind if I had to do some of them or even all of them if it’s all I can do. I have used this pattern in my own life differently. When my car brakes I usually fix it myself because I can not afford the extra expense, this is something that I really don’t want to do. It takes time away from my studies, but it also helps me afford it. Some people say why should they pay a mechanic x amount for only an hour of work but the amount it would take a normal person without the tools and environment would much offset whatever savings they think they had. Most of the time I think if I had the money, I would pay double for a professional to do this for me.

You learn the cost of doing something by doing things you wouldn’t necessarily want to do. Sweeping the floor may begin with doing the easy undesirable work but it must progress into doing work you are uncomfortable with. Success in life comes when you accept uncertainty and never get too cozy as to be paralyzed by extraneous events.      


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