Sprint 3 Retrospective

Issues Evidence Issue:: HTTP Get Range of Questionnaire Submissions This issue was added to this sprint to complement the client specification. The main idea was to create an endpoint to query the questionnaire data set and return values within a specific date range. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/nest/guest-information-system/api/-/issues/19 Issue:: API: determine input fields for Guest info and QS collectionContinue reading “Sprint 3 Retrospective”

Draw your Own Map Pattern

So far, I have looked through all the patterns in the book as learning patterns. This pattern is somehow different it shows not a formula for growth but a remedy against decay. It tells us of things to come in our professional lives. It warns of the possibility of professional demands that can crush one’sContinue reading “Draw your Own Map Pattern”

Sprint #2 Retrospective

Issues Evidence Issue:: backend: look at all lose files in backend/ and determine what is needed and keep them if so. This issue was worked out in different layers. I wanted to be careful to maintain integrity while modifying the code. https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/nest/guest-information-system/backend/-/issues/11 Issue:: backend: in source/data create .js files for methods to be used. InContinue reading “Sprint #2 Retrospective”

Learning Pattern Nurture your Passion

The main idea for this pattern is to help one maintain his level of excitement for the field. The author presents warnings of moments where one’s career can be the culprit of discouragement and discontent. He presents a few ways to remediate the situation some by which one could steer their environment to a betterContinue reading “Learning Pattern Nurture your Passion”

The long Road learning pattern

The long road learning pattern sets its premises on favoring rather than quick results cumulative progress. I believe that working towards a 4-year college degree and the tradeoff that comes with it puts us in that category. We all know that even after the switch from student to paid professional the road doesn’t end. InContinue reading “The long Road learning pattern”

Sprint #1 Retrospective

Regardless of this being our first sprint I believe we were successful at laying out the groundwork and finding each other’s rhythm and perspective. I do think that our team could mature from the information we generated while working on processing what we needed to do. It was interesting to work with gathering the informationContinue reading “Sprint #1 Retrospective”

Unleash your Enthusiasm Learning Pattern

Being a beginner have very few perks so we must utilize them to their utmost extent. The authors make the point of arguing that the new guy has the ability to bring new life into a team that could perhaps have gone stale or that maybe could be improved by such addition. I must confessContinue reading “Unleash your Enthusiasm Learning Pattern”

Sweeping The Floor Learning Pattern

This pattern is very important it tells us how to begin the career switch from student to paid professional. It is a scary moment of unprecedented uncertainty. It helps us see with a clearer image that there are levels of expectation. These expectations are stratified to build a path to success. It also throws cautionaryContinue reading “Sweeping The Floor Learning Pattern”

Digg Deeper Learning Pattern

This pattern is a great idea for a beginner such as me. It offers a way to complement the lack of knowledge that comes with the lack of experience. It should be used carefully because of the ease of wanting to just reinforce the skills you are already good at. Knowing a little on aContinue reading “Digg Deeper Learning Pattern”

Expose your Ignorance Pattern

This learning pattern is very important it exposes us to a very delicate issue. Although the Software Development community is built around everchanging technologies, and we are all shooting at a moving target, the fear of letting others know what you do not know is constantly present. Particularly to me, another analogous fear that IContinue reading “Expose your Ignorance Pattern”