Sprint #1 Retrospective

Regardless of this being our first sprint I believe we were successful at laying out the groundwork and finding each other’s rhythm and perspective. I do think that our team could mature from the information we generated while working on processing what we needed to do. It was interesting to work with gathering the informationContinue reading “Sprint #1 Retrospective”

Unleash your Enthusiasm Learning Pattern

Being a beginner have very few perks so we must utilize them to their utmost extent. The authors make the point of arguing that the new guy has the ability to bring new life into a team that could perhaps have gone stale or that maybe could be improved by such addition. I must confessContinue reading “Unleash your Enthusiasm Learning Pattern”

Sweeping The Floor Learning Pattern

This pattern is very important it tells us how to begin the career switch from student to paid professional. It is a scary moment of unprecedented uncertainty. It helps us see with a clearer image that there are levels of expectation. These expectations are stratified to build a path to success. It also throws cautionaryContinue reading “Sweeping The Floor Learning Pattern”

Digg Deeper Learning Pattern

This pattern is a great idea for a beginner such as me. It offers a way to complement the lack of knowledge that comes with the lack of experience. It should be used carefully because of the ease of wanting to just reinforce the skills you are already good at. Knowing a little on aContinue reading “Digg Deeper Learning Pattern”

Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and 2-6 introductions Summary

I found interesting that a lot of the practices mentioned in the book are probably day to day patterns that we practice involuntarily. Some patterns are surprisingly new and offer a good way to cope with the workflow of continuous learning. The comparison with medieval ways of artisanship in which the learning takes a practicumContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and 2-6 introductions Summary”

Quick thoughts on opensource at libreFoodPantry.org

The LibreFoodPantry.org site allows for an easy onboarding, which is something I have been thinking a lot about this close to graduation.  The project is very well defined and spans a good number of educational institutions. I like that is not own by one but multiple responsible parties which to me lends it credibility. ItContinue reading “Quick thoughts on opensource at libreFoodPantry.org”

DinD or DooD but not D&D

While surfing my usual waves at google I came across an article with some peculiar information. It does not directly relate to our current homework, which deals with the backend and API ties, but it is somewhat relevant. The article presents the argument of security in using DinD as a liability exposing the operating systemContinue reading “DinD or DooD but not D&D”

Docker Docs Tutorial Follow-up

Hi everyone, or one, however many, hope all is well. These last few weeks have been hard for all of us, and it is tuff to keep a captain’s log when the sea is turbulent and requires careful navigation. This is the reason I decided to try something new, something I suppose I should haveContinue reading “Docker Docs Tutorial Follow-up”

UML Diagrams

Diagrams are usually a good way to convey an idea. There is an intrinsic human ability to understand abstract instructions in this form. It is not surprising that in designing software we would look for a way to express it as such. UML diagrams are not only helpful as a [mockup]blue_print in designing but alsoContinue reading “UML Diagrams”