DinD or DooD but not D&D

While surfing my usual waves at google I came across an article with some peculiar information. It does not directly relate to our current homework, which deals with the backend and API ties, but it is somewhat relevant. The article presents the argument of security in using DinD as a liability exposing the operating systemContinue reading “DinD or DooD but not D&D”

Docker Docs Tutorial Follow-up

Hi everyone, or one, however many, hope all is well. These last few weeks have been hard for all of us, and it is tuff to keep a captain’s log when the sea is turbulent and requires careful navigation. This is the reason I decided to try something new, something I suppose I should haveContinue reading “Docker Docs Tutorial Follow-up”


Last week reading took us through one design pattern the singleton pattern and a quasi-design pattern the simple factory technique. I was very impressed by both and took some time to analyze their delivery method –how they presented their arguments. On singleton the author presented the design as a conversation in an almost Zen tone.Continue reading “Singleton/Factory”

UML Diagrams

Diagrams are usually a good way to convey an idea. There is an intrinsic human ability to understand abstract instructions in this form. It is not surprising that in designing software we would look for a way to express it as such. UML diagrams are not only helpful as a [mockup]blue_print in designing but alsoContinue reading “UML Diagrams”

Thoughts on Encapsulation

This post is the result of a discussion in class which revolved around the concepts of polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction and inheritance. The concepts of polymorphism and encapsulation eluded my group’s ability to elaborate beyond the definition of the word in a dictionary. Trying to explain such concepts by this method would be over simplistic andContinue reading “Thoughts on Encapsulation”