Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and 2-6 introductions Summary

I found interesting that a lot of the practices mentioned in the book are probably day to day patterns that we practice involuntarily. Some patterns are surprisingly new and offer a good way to cope with the workflow of continuous learning. The comparison with medieval ways of artisanship in which the learning takes a practicumContinue reading “Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and 2-6 introductions Summary”

Breakable Toy Pattern

The breakable toy pattern is something I practice often without realizing it was considered a pattern for good learning practice. I must say at times I find it to be a double edge sword. Sometimes I look for things beyond my abilities and end up stuck, depressed, and put it in the back burner, butContinue reading “Breakable Toy Pattern”

Thea’s Pantry Quick Breakdown

User Stories I know the costumer ultimately is the organizer using the device, but I could not stop thinking of the people on the other side, who are they, a community member in need, a homeless person, a student in need. This made me think about privacy and sensible ways of presenting quantity constraints inContinue reading “Thea’s Pantry Quick Breakdown”

Quick thoughts on opensource at

The site allows for an easy onboarding, which is something I have been thinking a lot about this close to graduation.  The project is very well defined and spans a good number of educational institutions. I like that is not own by one but multiple responsible parties which to me lends it credibility. ItContinue reading “Quick thoughts on opensource at”