Sprint #2 Retrospective

Issues Evidence

Issue:: backend: look at all lose files in backend/ and determine what is needed and keep them if so.

This issue was worked out in different layers. I wanted to be careful to maintain integrity while modifying the code.


Issue:: backend: in source/data create .js files for methods to be used.

In this issue we have decided after reviewing the code from last semester’s software architecture class that we would reuse it because it served the purpose of the project. Much of the code had to be changed and reformatted to meet our needs.


Issue:: backend: source/ figure out index.js

This file initialized the objects that are important for the operations across the various actions the backend is responsible for. My idea was to explore and find out more about the JavaScript syntax and methods and modules handling as well as behaviors.


Issue:: all: setup semantic release.

This was commission by Dr. Wurst, my colleague Robin and I had already worked through the process of factoring the steps needed to set up the continuous integration GitLab environment. Even though the steps were clear, I took longer than expected some failures along the way actually helped me look deeper into the settings of the continuous integration environment and experiment on them to find out the innerworkings of GitLab’s continuous integration tool and its security.


  •   Reflection on what worked well

In this sprint we tried to work out the issues we had on the first. The idea was to not repeat the mistakes already made and if mistakes were made, we would want them to at least be new ones. In that sense our sprint was successful we were able to identify and adjust expectations. One of the important things that we worked on was to be more specific on the issues and to delineate a better definition of done. In this sprint we were able to connect our different projects and also able to identify points where modifications need to be made in order to work properly.

  •   Reflection on what didn’t work well

Our team suffered from the short absence of some members due to personal unforeseen reasons. The team adapted and the absentee members put back in their missing share and we were able to still have our goals completed. We communicated well as a team but sometimes we would put in too much work leaving little to share. Thankfully the work done individually was hardly final and the trouble shooting, and integration made sure everyone had a part to play. We also had trouble with issue artifacts from the last spring. The names didn’t help us make much sense of what we needed then and moving them around got us a bit lost on planning for the last sprint.

  • Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as a team

To improve as a team, I think communication is definitely key. We should have more meetings outside class and maybe work on issues within these meetings. I see that sometimes we do work during class, but I think these one-on-one meetings would be better utilized for higher level organization, like adjusting tasks, trouble shooting, cleaning up the repo and other tasks. Reaching out is also a good idea if anyone is stuck. It not only helps the person trying to solve the problem but also whoever is there to help. It reinforces what they know and build confidence at the team level.

  •   Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as an individual

I personally think that I could have done more if I have not obsessed over an issue or another. I actually have found myself paralyzed by over planning. I have so many things to get done that organizing how to do them take longer than it is worth. I increasingly found that a generic schedule with cut off set times to switch from one activity to the next can help but a lot of times I freeze when stuck and enter a brute force infinite loop. This account for most of my wasted time that is when I believe that productivity not only flattens but drops so sharply that even if I moved forward, I still feel like I am stepping backwards. Shuffling tasks is truly the best way to succeed in not all but most so ill try to be better at that.  


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